Sci-Fi, Horror, Just Plain Weird, MP3 zip Files

Sci-Fi, Horror, Just Plain Weird, MP3 zip Files


7 Tracks. A tremendous discount as opposed to purchasing individual tracks.


Includes: "Creepy Space Waves, Drama or Horror, Hard Mars Landing, Lucid Dreams, Nowhere To Hide, Outta Here, They have Arrived"


After completing your purchase, a link will be provided to you on the purchase confirmation screen. Click this link to download the zip file that contains the music clips. Unzip the file, and save the clips to your folder of choice. Your link will be valid for 30 days, so don't delay downloading the file.


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By making this purchase, you agree to the terms of the Professional Use License. (Please read the "Professional Use License" information on the checkout page before making your purchase)  if you intend to use any of these music clips for REVENUE GENERATING PROJECTS. This includes TV commercials, videos or films for sale, etc. This DOES NOT include YouTube videos promoting a product, where the music tracks are used as background music. If you have any questions about what is and is not permitted, please contact us first via the "Stay In Touch" section of the homepage.


These music clips CANNOT be used as part of, or included with any music composition, or song. We use some very sophisticated technology that can identify our clips in music streaming services, and radio.


Lets avoid any unpleasant legal action.


Thank you.

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