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All of our tracks have been categorized and divided into 4 purchase options.

  1. Topic Specific Library containing ALL tracks from the "Action and Drama, Fantasy and Fairy Tale, Sci-Fi and Horror" categories

  2. Genre Specific Library containing ALL tracks from the "Rock, Pop, and Worldwide, Funky and Jazz, Laid Back and Mellow" categories

  3. Individual Libraries: Select a category from options 1 or 2.

  4. Individual tracks. Don't need an entire library? Looking for just one specific track for a single scene?

CLICK HERE for The G Sharp Jamz Scoring Library Vol. 1

Bring your productions to life.

Perfect for scene intros, scene transitions, scene endings, and background music

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Videographers, Film Makers, Game Developers

Explore our full featured Audio For Video Production Services.

Professionally designed and orchestrated  to your specifications following the industry standard

"3 Act Structure".

The 3 Act Structure

All of the tracks provide at least 1 of these elements, which your scene may require.

1) Character, Conflict, Setting

2) Rising Tension, Rising Conflict

3) Resolution, Climax




Learn Modular Synthesis using  Reaktor Blocks and EuroReakt !

Part 1: Reaktor Blocks For Beginners

Click the link>  https://youtu.be/lOX1r5851Ao


Part 2 in this series, "Blocks Prime and EuroReakt", where we cover demonstrations of the incredible "Morphing Filter", Rungler Dual Oscillator, and more!

Click the link> https://youtu.be/UEMAkft0DLQ

Part 3: A look at 4 specific modules that produce Noise, Chaos, and Distortion. 

Click the link> https://youtu.be/Tv1ZM7eWWqI

Part 4: Walks you through the steps using A/D Envelopes, Clocks, and Clock Dividers to manipulate time and create interesting "illusions" with modular synthesis software.

Click the link> https://youtu.be/gAcIgUZsTxE

Part 5: Using Boolean Logic Blocks Add character and intricate melodies to your music using Boolean Logic and other probability blocks.

Click the link> https://youtu.be/GtaITSK886I


Interested in building your own recording studio?

CLICK HERE for Parts 1 and 2 on the "For Musicians" Page 


Learn how to GET THE MOST out of your recording equipment.

  • Tips and PRO tricks

  • Reverb, EQ, Compression, and Mic Techniques

  • Gain Staging

  • Mixing




G Sharp Jamz

  • Owner of "FX Studios" in New York City during the 1990's

  •  Former member of The Songwriters Guild of America

  •  Accomplished guitarist

  • Overall music enthusiast

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