Specially Selected Tracks From Our Professional Scoring Library.

Digitally mastered using the best equipment in the industry.

SSL, Waves Audio, Native Instruments, Heavyocity, KeepForest, Eastwest Quantum Leap, ProSonus, Behringer and many more 

(16 and 24 bit Sample Bit Depth. 44.1khz Sample Rates for the best sound quality)

All tracks are fully editable (time stretch, cut, copy, paste, etc) according to your video production softwares capabilities

You've worked countless hours, burning the midnight oil to complete your production. Frame by frame, edit by edit, perfecting your craft.

Well, your not alone.

We put that same passion into creating our scoring library, so your completed project can be something we BOTH can be proud of. Your hard work deserves ONLY the best!

Keep doing what you do best, and leave the music to a pro!

Coming Soon


"Atmospheres, Textures, Moods, and Orchestrated Soundscapes"




Perfect for game developers and Sci-Fi projects

Links for full demos of all tracks can be found on the "Home" page

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